sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

surfin through the basement...(!)

it's not a discography BUT some what of an extensive history
that chronicles my (musical?) contribution towards the culture...
(as a disclaimer(!): I DON'T DO DISCO & shitty plastic parties.)

[1]_12 monkeys(the mixtape)_
__[a collection of joints roughly from_'02/'03-'09].
[2]_Alien City_'anti-matter'
[3]_Alien City_'acoustic spaceship enterprise'
___[another crew of cats i've worked with.]
[4]_Cavemen Ninjaz_'amplified: Venom 2000'
____[a collaborative project_i did with Tonz.]
[5]_MULTIPLEXXX_'An Anthology of Occult Experiments.'
___[ shadow self(!).]
[6]_Dead monkey Village.(2006)
[7]_Evil Monkey Corporation.(2009)
[8]_MULTIPLEXXX_'investigating the curious case of Alien thoughts'(mixtape).
[9]_Temple of the Golden Monkey Mystic.[Retail Edition.2010]
____[*Joseph Mangla meets Sir Mainly Hopkins.____**(this is another collaborative side project I've been    a  part of...)(!)______________________________
[11]_The Misadventures of Charlie Skillz & Goerge Looney.
[12]_The Scary Truemann Show.[mixtape???]
____(featuring [unauthorised] beats by...madlib+dooom.]

*for more info,questions & comments. Contactact/:_

the misadventures of Charlie Skillz & Goerge Looney(ep)./:_[episode two.]

...while i'm at it, thought i might as well throw this one for the older gods..!!!

the misadventures of Charlie Skillz & Goerge Looney(ep).!!!!!!!!!!


[1]_lord of the sith.
[2]_xyklon b
[3]_witch.blood_ft. satori(of alien city)
[4]_battlefieldverse_ft. zebb.i.maxx(of basementskynet)
[5]_the most talented mr. ripley_ft. plexxx.1
[6]_eye of the dajjal.

*beats by zebb_i_maxx
(...of basement sky net enterprise)
**concepts written & directed by...
sir mainly hopkins.
***digitally enhanced & (re-)mastered by...
sir mainly hopkins.

murder channel music/untitled humanoid recordings.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

???cultivation theory???

...trying to synthesise a lotta the info & data i've managed to gather around some fascinating discoveries on some interesting anomalies[?],making synchronous connections to what they mean & how they relate to our concept(s) of 'what is[?][!]'/:_suppressed alternative information.Look at the shaping of people's beliefs & value systems by the selective view of society by mass media!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

@$$_d_0ut[!](?)...the next chapter from our insomnik novelist...?

catchin no sleep/:_psycho_active stimulants grows weak/:_
as the presidents predators smoke(s) weed[!]/:_
exposin the omens explosive known green(?)/:_
ALIENs grow trees throughout the UNIverse...
to show PEACE[!]/:_to degenerate f___ckerz on coke streets/:_
after assassinating the broke BEAST on dope BEATS[!]

*[fuck...dont bite this mosquito... i might be on to something here.]
almost forgot what i was talking 'bout????

fuck it...just got outta bed. i'm still scratchin my balls like..
what the fuck[!]?

i'mma lace ya'll with updates later...
there's someone at the door.
hold up...

Monday, November 15, 2010

madd shits!

check out my next post for more info...
what the f___k(!)?
why are you all chasin me?