sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

rabbi hopkins.. 🔯 

קם שלחשף שמש תשנס 
תשומת קשיי ףתשיומשףקפ 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

rhyme(s) and (t)reason..??

There's been a lot of interesting things happening lately,more so..
These insentient ‘goyim’ animal humanoid-alien shit fucks and popular poptarts and scene-posers are dick-riding the industry for acceptance. Even the superfluous elite on-line indie underground populace has fallen victim to this plaque of pretentious ‘cool shit’ and swag is nauseating as fuck!
The value and merit of originality is being undermined by disposable arts and biting ‘cut&paste’ freaks who lack the courage,guts and balls to challenge the status quo and introduce innovative ideas without replicating the same recycled concept of ‘what is’. 
It's kind of creepy realizing that my music has always revealed its prophetic semblance even more with the passing of time and intuitive experiential learning and lucid epiphanies in my neon reality dream world:
sometimes you know shit for sure..
but don't know what it means.
sometimes you know not of their meaning or very little of their volitile nature in spirit but tend to understand their intellectual capacity and pragmatic potential better.
Sometimes these details may seem trivial and incomprehensible and poetic but that is not an intended gesture to impress..
but to warn those wary of the perilous adventures that await us all on this unpredictable journey and dark path of warrior kings and queens of the underworld realm of 

..ya digg?

Friday, March 21, 2014

#Heart4Sale: Thinking Out Loud Again!

RapLife has been great... Since my first original debut release on my fuckin' birthday in '06 things have often unfolded     excitedly well for an aristocratic indie ass bum like me self. Fuck media fireflies,the journey into higher heights certainly requires mics! 
Sometimes the attention and success of my work can be a little overwhelming for someone who usually enjoys an obnoxious quietly descreet life living under a rock just writing raps withno fucking pressure from an audience of analytical demon critics and newly ‘born again’ flock of fallen angels.. Haha. Okay,maybe it's NOT that bad.. We live for this shit. Life is a bitch and I'm sure everyone can conjure up a saying about it. There is always reality distortions that make things seem impossible but still adventurously ‘fuckwithable’. 
Honestly think my rapshit is more of a pathological disease.. and could never stop writing EVER!!! 
I enjoy ART,weirdly strange Music and NOT just HIPHOP shit but a lot of stuff that embraces couture grunge gutter intellectualism(wow! yeah,right.)
I spend most of my time alone in isolated contemplation,sometimes it does get kinda awkward being around people..
I don't normally say much except when I'm recording or drunk,buzzed and fucking! [..making battle mode Pokémon sound noises!! Hehehe😉].
I guess I'm an ‘underground’ New Age author.. sorta. Fuck Life.. I've often contemplated suicide but I'm just way too selfish to do it.. There's always one more thing! One more rhyme,One more beer,One more chick to BANG!!! Or something.. You know??😳
Fuck teleological speculation about what Life should be like and/or about and what not.. It's all bullshit. 
Least we could do is LIVE.. One day at a time,seek nothing but happiness and contentment with[in] yeself first before seeking confirmation from the world about thyself. The world is an over-populated asylum and the ‘TRUTH’ is often 
Oops! Sorry,just thinking out loud...
All alone again.

“My name is Sir Mainly Hopkins and I worship The Devil’s Mind Sky!”