sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Realms of Thought:the mind...

Focused on the sub-conscious subliminal syllabik symbolism of occult ART. The multiDIMENSIONAL portals of elevated ILLuminati operatives battlin RapTilian Alien Shapeshifters in the underground dungeons of INNERspace... Welcome. Venture into the Minds darkest spheres of critiKILL intellectualism_, telepathic herbal journalist murdering acoustic verbal rhythm. Sirmainlyhopkins theDEVILzMINDsky.

Look out for...
sirmainlyhopkins:KILL PEOPLE!(the defecation EP).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


algorithmic information critical contextual complex grammatical computerized mind visual vortex venomous syllabik syntax intense intellectual meditation programming digital virus index corrupted reality's interNET thinktank subliminal scripts kept underground basement soundcloud experimentation statements mathemetikal quantum lyricist spaceships naked sub-consciously connected psychonautics mechanikal braintrips halucenatory waisteland matrix altered metabots perception pencil paradigm makeshift cranial elektro-shock therapy thought(s) stimulation scientist cadence pages arcane ancient esoteric alchemical text masons developing astral-projection lectures on elemental pre-cognition and psychic channelling intelligence captives check this...(!)_awkward surreal cynikal blind torture for wack kidz melancholik tragick_ @s$$kick(!)_robotics backpack electronik black magick death trap on acid(!). The NRS-2D Nuero-receptors red retinal dots register animal box predators EEG system victims incompetent corporate cannibal corpse lost candid canibus crops spark celestial stars cops stop to watch the evidence burn as gunz bust(!)_thoughts drop cacophonous acoustic calamity computer users: hack into the blogosphere's crimson skyview with lots of beers(!)_intellectual criminals find TRUTH in the desolate wilderness rhyme crewz dilate Time through metaphysikal spiritual eyes,dude... the future's unsigned trooperz defy biblikal lies viewed by trained society's newly born babies militant coke agents in alkaline Karl Kani suits...(?)(!). *written by sirmainlyhopkins. "rancid death" []...ripped[]on[] psychiatric prescription pharmacuetical substances:[][][]_ diamorphine(heroine)/morphine(opium)/ roxanol/hydrocodone/oxycodone (w)// acetaminophen/ oxycontin/// promethazine (w)//codeine/// demerol/ methadone///gamma-hydroxybutyric-acid: liquid ecstacy/sodium oxybate/xyrem/// benzodiazepines: valium/xanax/halcion/ativan/restoril/ rohypnol(roofies,R-2)/ klonopin/// ambien/sonata/ meprobamate/chloral hydrate/ barbiturates/ methaqualone (quaalude)/meth-amphetamine: dexdrine/desoxyne&uppers/// methylphanidate/ adipex p/ionamine/prelu-2/didrex/provigil/// opiates: hydroxyzine/ paracetamol/ detramethophan(DXM)/ketamine"ket","jet-fuel","horse-tranquilizer"/// phencyclide(pcp, "angel-dust","sherm"//// nitrous-oxide"laughing gas","whippets")/// mescaline:(found in peyote,peruvian torch cactus and san pedro cactus)/// tryptamine(including:ergolines&lysergamides)/// dimethyltryptamine (DMT)/psylocine:found in psylocibin mushrooms(magic mushrooms)/and other deliriants like mandrake(s).../
"...FUCK PIGS!!!!"
"we kill cops and keep crops still...!"
Look out for...
 sirmainlyhopkins:kill people.
[the defecation.EP]


untitled humanoid recordings.