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sirmainlyhopkins thedevilzmindsky!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


AN/FPS-35 Radar@Camp Hero State Park in Montauk NY on Long Island is a centerpiece of the Montauk Project conspiracy(?) for the the purpose of developing PSYCHOLOGIKAL WARFARE techhiques and exotic research including...TIME TRAVEL(!). The most common account describe it as an extension OR continuation of(?) "the PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT" alleged to have taken place in 1943. Aimed at rendering USS Eldridge invisible to radar detection(...with disasterous results!). Surviving researchers from the Experiment met again between '52-'53 with the aim of continuing their earlier research on manipulating the "ELECTRO-MAGNETIK SHIELDING" they wished to investigate the possible Military applications of "MAGNETIC FIELD MANIPULATION" as a means of PSYCHOLOGICAL WAREFARE. On or about August 12th 1983 the Time Travel Project at Camp Hero interlocked with the original... "PROJECT:RAINBOW"(?) back in 1943! The USS ELDRIDGE was trapped in HYPERSPACE(!)(?),and two of its survivors(AL Bielek&Duncan ???) both claim to have leaped from the deck while in Hyperspace and ended up after a period of disorientation at Camp Hero in year... 1983! Here they met John von Nueman who had supposedly worked on the original 'Philadelphia Experiment'- a famous physicist and mathematician who died back in 1957(!). A "portal in time" was then created which allowed researchers to travel anywhere in TIME or SPACE(!). This was developed into a stable 'Time Tunnel' -underground tunnels with abandoned cultural archives were explored on MARS using this technique... Contact was also made with alien(as in strange) EXTRATERRESTRIALS through the time-tunnel and advanced technology was exchanged with them which enhanced the project. This also allowed broader access into Hyperspace.(!). sirmainlyhopkins.

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